The Seminars:

1. Marriage: Approach with Caution

                Free introductory seminar, approximately one hour. Basics of the current high risks of marriage, what men can and cannot do to lessen those risks, and how important choice of partner is to overall success of marriage.  Common behaviors, personality traits, demographics and history that are predictors of divorce are presented. Men are reminded that their own morality matters if they desire to marry once and for life.

2. No, Ma'am! Realities of Marriage in America

                Fee-based seminar ($50 per person). Approximately 2 hrs duration. Issues introduced in first seminar are examined in more detail, and statistics for common causes of divorce are discussed, all with an eye toward preventing divorce. Emphasis is on objectivity in men, how to evaluate potential mates, what to avoid, qualities historically and statistically most important in choosing a marriage partner.  Assessment of risk of divorce is discussed in detail, and practical suggestions of how to decide are discussed.  The behavior of men needed to support eventual successful marriage is also discussed in detail.

3. Just Get It! How to Get Married and Stay That Way for Life

                Fee-based seminar ($50 per person). Approximately 2 hrs duration.   Frank discussion of effort and trade-offs a marriage-minded man must consider when looking for a wife, what and how much he needs to do to obtain enough potential candidates, and some guidance about how to decide amongst the candidates.  Emphasis is risk management and realistic decision-making.  Both before and after the marriage, the behavior of the man required to support the marriage is discussed in detail.

4. 'Till Death Do Us Part: What Marriage Really Means to a Man and a Woman

                Fee-based seminar ($50 per person). Approximately 2 hrs duration.   Stages of a typical marriage, how to navigate them, to maximize chances of success.  Typical behaviors of women in a marriage, especially after children are born, and the honeymoon is over. Men’s best-practice responses to these behaviors are presented.   Deep consideration of a woman’s POV in a marriage is explored, her emotions, and when and how it is effective for the man to respond and when it is not. Counterproductive behaviors of the man are presented and explored in detail. Marriage disaster recovery is also covered.  Management of a marriage (finances, children) assuming an eventual divorce, and strategies to reduce the degree of conflict in the worst case are also covered.

5. Just Be Happy: Men’s Happiness in a High-Divorce World

                Fee-based seminar ($50 per person). Approximately 2 hrs duration.   What to do if everything falls apart despite your continued best efforts. Detachment as a practical, regular spiritual practice. How to protect yourself without hurting her.  Moral, practical and legal considerations. How to deal with a horrible situation without getting too depressed or suicidal. Guarding your children’s interests without enabling bad choices from your ex-wife.  Getting past a frivolous divorce.

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