There are many diverse points of view in the articles below.  Most of them are essays, in other words, the author’s opinions, and should not be blindly believed as literal, revealed truth.  Independent judgment demands you think about what you read, compare with reality, and discard what you find without merit.  Lots of people will find the ideas and opinions expressed to be very strong and quite often offensive, so be careful, and avoid discussing these ideas in mixed company.  Take what value you find and use it to change yourself first.  Warning: much of this content is Not Safe For Work!

Marriage 2.0:

Statistics of Divorce based on the woman’s characteristics and history:

            Should you get married?

            Things to ask a prospective wife:


            Is she crazy?


            On relationships with women and GAME:


                                        (Warning – strong content, NSFW)




                                          (Warning – strong content, NSFW)

                                (Warning – strong content, NSFW)

                Christian concerns:







                General male support:








                The gals who care about men:







                What happened?