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Advanced and In-Depth Books

Most of these books are expensive.  All of them are useful.   Serious science and engineering students usually have several of them.

cover Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 81st...

  Classic handbook for all practicing chemists, physicists and engineers.


cover Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook...

  Please note that this is a CDROM version of Perry's Handbook.  The last time I looked, the hardback was OUT OF PRINT (and old - 1984 ed.)!


cover The Merck Index : An Encyclopedia of...

  This is the book you use when you need a fast lookup of common chemicals, including solvents, toxicity, origins and chemical properties.


The Properties of Gases and Liquids  Reid, Prausnitz & Sherwood - Classic chemical and engineering properties book for engineers

This page will be added to occasionally.  If you can't find something you need above, then use this handy search link


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