Balance Acts, LTD offers seminars to men to help them make wise choices in marriage and to lower the chances of eventual divorce.  Divorce is so common, expensive and painful, that men have to take it into account from the beginning in their search for a good wife.  The goal of all seminars is to make men aware of the issues that predict divorce, how to spot them early, and what qualities are likely to support life long marriage.  In addition, the nature of men and women when forming relationships leading to marriage is detailed.

Executive Summary: If you are a man, seriously thinking about marriage, you owe it to yourself, your future wife and children to carefully and diligently do all you can before marriage to lower the chances of divorce.  Divorce is very common now, has been so for decades, and happens frequently, even when the man is well-behaved, faithful, hard working and kind.  The man in such a divorce is usually blind-sided, cannot understand why his wife wants a divorce, and eventually loses his woman, children, most of his money and property, goes through years of torture and pain, and is virtually enslaved for many years after the divorce with lawyer fees, debt and expensive child support and alimony payments.  Worse, the man is often blamed for the divorce, even when he was not the actual cause of the problems. Marriage for men is so risky that it is now absolutely necessary for men to educate and change themselves to meet the very high risks they are facing when getting married.

Fortunately, more and more men are cluing in to the problems, what to do about them, and have been talking about these problems with each other.  Balance Acts, Ltd (BAL) offers seminars to men to help them get the education and make the changes they need to get started on a better path, so that they can apply the wisdom and reduce their risk of marrying unwisely.  No miracles are offered – only sound facts, backed up by statistics, experience and demographic studies.  The best of available knowledge and practice is boiled down to basics, and how to start winning instead of losing.

Unlike conventional education, BAL chooses among the options that work, and stresses that men must make their own decisions, never following another’s bidding blindly.  The value provided by BAL is realistic options, and the requirement that men take responsibility for their own choices.  We train men to become their own experts, instead of dependent on our services.

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