Unix Essentials Class

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Course Outline

Introduction UNIX vs. other operating systems Getting started Fundamental UNIX Concepts UNIX Files Directories Introduction to the Korn Shell The vi Editor Korn Shell Again

I. UNIX vs. other operating systems (OS)
A. Multi-user OS
B. Powerful command line interface (the shell)
C. Hierarchical File System
D. Open Architecture (GNU and Linux, Open BSD)
E. Free and readily available software
II. Getting started
A. Logging In
B. The Unix Command Line
C. Some basic commands - pwd, ls, who, id, cd, date, cal, clear
D. Changing a user password
E. Logging Out
III. Fundamental UNIX Concepts
A. UNIX Architecture - kernel, devices, commands and utilities, shell
B. UNIX File system - 1. Files - 2. Standard input and output - cat - 3. Null Device
C. UNIX Processes - ps
D. Man pages - man
E. Pagers - more and less
    IV. UNIX Files
A. File naming conventions
B. Listing files
C. Hidden files
D. Viewing files
E. Printing files
F. File maintenance commands
G. UNIX wildcards
H. Permissions and file security

    V. Directories

A. User's home directory
B. Parent/Child Directories
C. Navigation
D. Paths
E. Creating and removing directories
F. Moving files between directories
H. Copying files between directories
    VI. Introduction to the Korn Shell
A. Bourne Shell, Korn Shell and BASH Shell
B. Commands, command line arguments and options
C. File redirection - 1. Input and Output redirection - 2. Overwrites vs. appending - 3. Standard Error
D. Pipes and stringing commands together
E. UNIX filters
F. Job Control: Background vs. Foreground
    VII. The VI Editor
A. Starting vi
B. Operating Modes
C. Creating a new file
D. Navigation inside a document
E. Inserting, deleting, changing and moving text
F. Searching for text
G. Substituting text
H. Miscellaneous commands
I. Accessing vi help
    VIII. Korn Shell Again
A. Command Line history and editing
B. Environment: files and variables
C. Changing the shell